Lindsey in Haiti!

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to let you all know that Lindsey is in Haiti right now!! She has been there for two weeks, and has a few weeks left . Keep her in your prayers- as she’s serving as a medical intern there, and seeing poverty and heartbreak everywhere she turns. But she has such a strong hope about God’s healing power. God bless!! 

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This beautiful shirt helps fund adoption for children in Asia! 
Help give a lonely orphan the love of a forever family. 


This beautiful shirt helps fund adoption for children in Asia! 

Help give a lonely orphan the love of a forever family. 

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END IT Movement!


END IT Movement. Shine a light on slavery.

27 million trapped in slavery. It was for freedom we have been set free. Let’s unite to set free the oppressed in the name of JESUS. 

Join this movement and let’s change lives! 

God bless! 

For more information, contact one of my good friends, Lindsey Waltz.

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Khartoum children of St. Vincent by sidelife on Flickr.


Khartoum children of St. Vincent by sidelife on Flickr.

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Joy in Bomani, Kenya. Photography by mollyinkenya.


Joy in Bomani, Kenya. Photography by mollyinkenya.

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Social Justice

It’s simply wrong to see or hear of someone in need and to do absolutely nothing.

A while ago, the Lord revealed to me just how strongly He feels about wanting me to work for justice for the oppressed. It’s part of His calling for all in the body of Christ. He’s been looking for people to help the fatherless, the widows, the oppressed, the poor, the lonely and forgotten since He gave the law in Old Testament times. 

Speaking through Moses, He said, “You shall not afflict any widow or fatherless child.” (Exodus 22:22). God is not partial, “He executes justice for the fatherless and the widow, and loves the stranger or temporary resident and gives him food and clothing” (Deuteronomy 10:18). God told the people that if they fed the strangers, the widows and the fatherless, He would bless the work of their hands (Deuteronomy 14:29).

Some of the most lonely and forgotten people in the world today are the girls who have been forced into prostitution in order to survive, the orphan boy in Africa whose parents have died of AIDS, the prisoner who spends day after day alone in a prison cell, the homeless man living on the streets…there are plenty of people in need out there.

This call can seem overwhelming, and you might be thinking, “What can I do about this?” God has taught me that while I cannot solve everything, if I relieve the suffering of just one person, I am making a difference. 

Please don’t think that what you have to give isn’t enough. THe hurting, broken, hungry, and homeless are all around. Will you help them today?

Dear Heavenly Father, You care about helping those who are poor and lonely. Give me Your heart for justice and show me the hurting and the broken that You want me to help. Give me the opportunity to share your love among those in need. Work through me. 

Verse: “He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing.” (Deuteronomy 10:18). 

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Change the World: Sevenly!



She is your wife, your mother, daughter, relative or your friend. She has just been diagnosed with an advanced stage of breast cancer. What if by a simple exam it could have been detected sooner? For women who detect breast cancer early (localized stage) their survival rate is over 98%. But many women can’t afford or don’t have access to breast health services. Over 30% of the women whose lives are shattered by breast cancer every year are diagnosed after the cancer has spread. For them, the survival rate is significantly lower.


Your support will provide women with access to breast health services and early detection tools like mammograms. This week, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, help us save the life of someone’s mom, sister, daughter, aunt or friend!

Click here to pick up an awesome shirt that helps to save the lives of women with breast cancer! 

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Running for Riley!

Hello to my friends and family!

As most of you who know me well, I am passionate about many things in life … children, running, Purdue University Dance Marathon, and helping those who can’t help themselves are just a few of those passions.  This year in an effort to raise money for the Purdue University Dance Marathon to benefit Riley Hospital for Children, I’m combining these passions as I “Run for Riley” at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on Saturday, November 3rd as I attempt to complete the half-marathon.

Please consider visiting the attached link to my Dance Marathon “donor drive” site and pledge to support me as I “Run for Riley” on November 3rd.

I will also be participating in the Dance Marathon on November 17th through November 18th and will spend 18 hours  "Dancing for Riley"!

As a part of the Riley Development Committee for Purdue University Dance Marathon, I have had the opportunity to spend time with some of the families and children that have spent days, months, or even years getting care for their children at Riley Hospital for Children, and I am so inspired by the stories of healing and transformation that have happened at Riley, and continue to happen. However, they need our support in order to continue this amazing work of healing for families that desperately need this world-renowned health care. That’s why we dance for 18 hours… it’s not just about the fun we have, or the grand total, but it’s about the families and children that are given the opportunity of healing and life through Riley Hospital for Children because of the money we raise.   

If you have any questions about my fund raising efforts, the Monumental Marathon or Purdue University Dance Marathon for Riley Hospital for Children, please contact me via email, or at (317) 383-7929.  I want to thank you in advance for any funds you can donate to this worthy cause.

For the Kids!

Thank you,

Lindsey Waltz

Purdue University Dance Marathon

Riley Development Committee Member

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Art project of the day :)


Art project of the day :)

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Anonymous said: Living at home has always been difficult and I feel more trapped and suffocated then ever. It's hard to think or concentrate, I feel so irritated, I just want to be alone when I am here. My dad is the reason for it, and I feel like God is my only escape, and music is second to Him, how can I be sure if taking a path with music, maybe presenting God through it, would be the right path for me?

Hi dear. Something I have been learning is that the what of God’s will is far less important than the WHO of God’s will. If we are connected with God in Spirit and in Truth, in Love and Dedication, it matters not what which path we choose when it comes to decisions like this. When I come to decisions in life, I always get so so so bogged down in which direction I should take, thinking that one way is God’s way and the other not, therefore if I take the way which is not God’s, my life will be less than what God had planned. But alas, there is such freedom when I realize that God supersedes ALL. God makes beautiful things out of everything, and so as long as you are connected with God, He WILL work in every situation. And if music is the way you decide to take, but somewhere down the road, you realize it isn’t what you should be doing, then that’s okay. Do NOT regret it. Your life is an amazing story and it is being written by God so every step, every event, every moment is Holy and Wonderful. Definitely pray about it, but follow Jesus and everything else will work out. God bless you!

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Every 15 seconds a woman is assaulted in her home, including physical, sexual, and mental abuse from the person closest to her. Not only do the children witness their mothers being attacked by the men in their lives, but 50% of men who abuse women also abuse the children. Many times the lives of these women and children are threatened if they try to leave. 


This week your support will help place an abused mother and her children in a home where they will live safe and independent from their abuser. They will be provided with clothing, food, and counseling to help regain strength and restore their freedom. 


Purchase a t-shirt and $7.00 of it will go towards this charity.

This charity speaks wonders to me and is something that my heart draws near to. Please along with reblogging this, or even purchasing a shirt, pray for these women and children. Pray for their safety and ways to help. 

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Hey I really need your help, I have only raised $210 and I need 2,900 for my mission trip to Greece this summer. If each one of you give a dollar I would reach my limit. please please please, I am no where close and I have 2 more months! It is greatly appreciated <3


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Thousands of farmers in Kenya struggle to make ends meet, going months without adequate food. Without access to farming seed and agricultural training, their families and children starve while they spend countless days looking for work and ways to provide for their families.


This week your support will provide poor farmers in Kenya with farming seed and agricultural training. The seed and training not only helps these farmers provide food for their families, but offers a sustainable supply of crops that feeds hundreds and creates a long-term solution to hunger.

Check the shirts out this week, they’re  one of my favorites so far! 

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